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The future of education

is different. 🎉

The classroom should be as good as the rest of the internet.

Running a classroom is a herculean task of slogging through disconnected, outdated systems. Students and teachers juggle Saturday morning community college, month-long computer science boot camps, advanced placement classes, and a myriad of online certifications on top of the traditional system, which means more of us aren't served by existing learning management systems.


We're redesigning the classroom for the digital era.

At Slide, we believe you shouldn’t need to be a tech genius to understand how to run a classroom or how to be a student.


We're building an education platform with the student and teacher as the center.

A way to handle messaging, schedules, grades, attendance, feedback, and group projects — all in one place.


Because education is a lifelong pursuit.

You deserve to teach and learn on your terms. We’re here to make that a reality.